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You remember my Christmas excitement? Well, it has already been overthrown by birthday excitement. Theoís first birthday is right around the corner and I need to get on it!

Iíve been Googling all sorts of first birthday-ness with all sorts of less-than-stellar results. Everything is so...lame, so gimmicky. I want a sort of nostalgic feel. I want bright, primary colors, I want a homemade cake, and birthday banner made of felt. Seriously.

Iím embarrassed to admit how many hours I have spent online painstakingly searching for The Invitation. But tonight, I found it. My fantasy banner even appears on the invite. So sweet!

I know Nate thinks Iím more than a little nutty for my fixation on Theoís party. There will be 15 people max gathered around my sisterís living room for two hours. Theo will open presents. We will likely try unsuccessfully to get him to blow out his candle. And heíll taste cake for the first time. I will tear up at some point. A ton of photos will be taken. And Theo will not remember a thing.

Itís such a big day, though, for all of us.

I know that it would be a big dayóand a wonderful dayóeven without my felt banner and self-frosted cake. I donít really know how to explain it. All I can say is, when I look at pictures from my first birthday party, I can feel the love. I know my mom put so much thought into that day. It wasnít crazy or over-the-top or anything. But it was perfect. And, come on, my dress matched the decorations! Thatís pretty awesome. I cherish that memoryóthe memory that I donít even have, reallyóso much that I carried it with me the day Nate and I got married.
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