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Iím sort of not please about this Alvin and the Chipmunks movie thatís about to come out. I know that Alvin, Simon, and Theodore have been around forever, but do they really need to be thrust back into pop culture right now? I donít want people associating my kid with a chipmunk. We didnít name our little boy after a glorified squirrel, after all.

How did we get the name, you ask? Nate and I were driving to my sisterís wedding with two of her British friends in the backseat and the conversation eventually turned to baby names. We wanted some foreign input. They offered up a lot of bombs then after a long pause, Pieter says: ďWhat about Theodore?Ē

Huh. Nate and I looked at each other. Thatís a good one. Top of the list!

Did I neglect to tell Nate that I once had a guinea pig named Theodore when I was a kid? Probably. Oops.
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