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See the belly! Tracy and Keith’s little lady is in there, cooking away. While Tracy is, as you can see, completely upright for this photo, she’s actually on bed rest. (Her baby girl is a wee bit small. Petite, if you will.) She has been on bed rest for a while now. And she’s not scheduled to be non-horizontal until the offspring debuts in March. Can you imagine? I don’t know how she’s doing it. We were joking that the respective men in our lives would be all, “Bed rest? Seriously? I can lie down and watch baby-daddy Maury shows all day and no one can tell me to get up? Sweet!” There’s no justice, really.

I was such a spaz while pregnant—up and down, up and down; cleaning closets; dragging furniture; making random evening runs to Target because, you know, one needs a baby monitor at 9pm on a Sunday, one month before the baby is due. Tracy’s totally spaz, too, so I know this is super-hard for her.

But this weekend was all about disobeying doctor's odrers (yay to being upright!), eschewing worry and boredom, and celebrating. Wooo baby!
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