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I知 pretty wound up.

I needed to get Theo to his fill-in caregiver痴 place by 11. But he took his morning nap late and woke up late so we left the house late. We strolled, he cried. The wind blew, it was cold, he cried. I muttered to myself預 lot. When I stopped to pull the rain hood thingy down to block the wind, a fellow mom parked her stroller a few paces ahead of me. I swear, she waited for me; I think she thought I stopped strolling to beat my child! She didn稚 budge until we went by her. And she shot me a look. The stink eye, if you will.

Twenty-minutes later, I handed my child over to a woman that Theo has known for 2 days. I gave him numerous kisses, said bye-bye, cried in the elevator, and proceed to book it home預nother 20 minutes. I have a plane to catch!

I知 going to North Carolina. I知 leaving my little man for the first time. And Nate is in charge for two entire days for the first time. I知 nervous. I知 sad. But I知 psyched, too. Sleep! Friends! Baby shower! But right now, pre-plane, pre-excitement, I知 a big ball of anxiety. Is it bad that I知 nervous that Theo wont even notice I知 gone?
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