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Theo discovered stairs today. We live in a small Brooklyn apartment, you see. We barely have a kitchen let alone a staircase. But his grandparents, like the vast majority of adults in this country, actually have stairs in their home, thus the magnificent discovery.

Have you ever seen someone discover stairs for the first time? Itís quite fun. When Nate and I moved to our last apartmentóone with a coveted staircaseóboth of the cats would sit perched on the top step, staring down. One would let out a meow, then the other. I think they were daring each other to go first. But once they did it, boy did they love it. Up and down and up and down.

Unlike the furry ones, Theo did not meow (but that would have been awesome) and he didnít exhibited an ounce of fear. He simply got himself very close to the wall and very methodically made his way up each step. Stopping about every other step to gaze at the ceiling fan and squeal with delight of course.

He learns things so fast, it astounds me.
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