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Rocky still doesnít care for Theo. He occasionally sleeps under his crib, but bolts as soon as any baby noise occurs. And sometimes heíll sit in the hallway, ears parallel to the floor, eyes squinted, staring at Theo as the baby happily bangs on his glass paned door. Napping all day on our bed is more his speed. That and taking the biggest, slinkiest dump imaginable the second Nate and I sit down to eat.

Jake, on the other hand, is officially in love with Theo. He started with his super-sweet bedtime routine a few months ago, now heís taken it up a notch. When I nurse Theo, Jake comes in the room, sits by my feet and waits for me to give him the all-clear that he can jump on my lap, too. So while Theo is curled toward me eating, Jake spoons the baby. Theo reaches back and pats Jake. Jake purrs loudly. Sometimes Theo laughs at this while heís eating.

Itís all just too cute.
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