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I knew having a baby would throw Nate and my social life into a tizzy, but I guess I never really understood how much it would change. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Iím the resident social director of our household. I do all of the heavy lifting of keeping friendships going and organizing brunches, drinks, BBQs, dinners, etc., while Nate essentially accepts or rejects plans Iíve concocted. I did a great deal of the amongst-friends plan-making, too.

Since Theo arrived, I really havenít had the time or energy to resume that roll. The result: Only a handful of date nights with Nate and a sad spattering of friend get-togethers. I realized, though, that when, say, old co-workers coordinate a happy hour for next week, I can do that. Or if Angela calls and asks if I wanna get my nails done at 5pm on Sunday, I can make that happen.

In fact, last night I went out to dinner (in the city, no less) with Ange and some other ladies. And it was simple: I went home, got Theo-time, fed him, put him to bed, Nate came home, I left. Granted, I yawned through the second half of dinner, but I had fun. While I donít think I can fully resume my Julie Macoy status quite yet, Iím feeling inspired.
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