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Fashionably speaking, I have been off point ever since dear little Theo arrived. Pre-baby, I was pretty okay with my style. There was nothing Earth-shattering happening, but I wasnít embarrassed to leave the house. Mid-baby, I totally rocked that whole maternity wear thing. But after baby: Yikes.

From January till March I barely put on a bra, I lived in elastic-waist pants, and I rotated between three wife-beaters and two hoodies.

While I could theoretically fit into my clothes by spring and summer, nothing worked. Dresses? No! You canít nurse a baby in a dress. What do you do, pull it down to your waist or shove the kid under your skirt? Neither option is cool. T-shirts? Too clingy for my soft bellyóand too short. Button-downs? Bulged! Summer used to be my season: Flity skirts, spaghetti straps, shoes that show off cute little toes. This year it was a big ol fashion nightmare.

But now that Iíve unearthed the fall clothes that I havenít put on in two years, Iím feeling hopeful. I think it has something to do with wearing boots. (In case you didnít know, once you embrace fall over summer, you are officially old.) At least now, I feel like I may be getting back on track.

Also, I think Iím at the point where I truly want to try and look cute again. I donít want to just get dressed and get moving. And I donít want to wear a pony tail every day. I want bangs! To celebrate my newfound ambition to look better (and in honor of Angelaís birthday dinner tonight), I bought a sweater dress at lunch and I upgraded my skin-care routine. Itís all about the retinols, baby.
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