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Today I arranged a small miracle: A play date! While a 2-month-old, a 9-month-old, and a 2-year-old donít exactly ďplayĒ together (no sitting, no walking and no standing donít quite mix), I say a good time was had by all.

There was playground fun, lunch, and after Caroline and Parker headed home, Linnea and Jackson came over.

This was really day-home nirvana for me. Theo took two solid naps, I hung out with two women I truly like, I ate an actual lunch and Theo was a giant sweet pea who had an awesome time. Watching him admire Jackson was just so adorable!

I wonder if I can switch my days off permanently so I can always spend Mondays like this. (Linnea has Monday off; I usually have Fridays.)

Often, my day alone with Theo is, well, sort of lonely. I donít know the women at the playground. They are either nannies or stay-at-home moms who seem to already have their group. I keep kicking myself for not suffering through a few more of those new mom groups. Maybe I would have made a connection. Who knows.

But I do know this: Theo loves hanging out in new environments and with kids. And I love speaking to adults once in a while. Theo and I are going to have to join a mommy-and-me class this winter. It has to be less painful than those mom groups, right?
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