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Today, Theo made these icky heaving noises and expelled a phlegmy white mess out of his mouthómore than once. It scared the hell out of me. He has never vomited before. Sure, heís spit up, but itís not the same thing. Spit up is just-drank milk. Itís gross and all, but not scary. Vomit is scary.

Theo had his flu shot today. Was he having a reaction?
I gave him a taste of my yogurt. Was that bad? Is he allergic?
I also gave him a real bananaóa non-baby food banana. Why did I give him two new foods on the day he had his flu shot?!
Heís getting super-pissy. Is it because heís sickóor because itís past his bedtime, but Iím afraid to put him down?

All this panic and then when Nate gets home, within minutes Theo is fast asleep with his rump in the air. And the doc calls me back and is all, ďhuh, I doubt itís the shot. No fever? Itís probably something he ate.Ē

Theo is fine. Iím still recovering.
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