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Theo and I visited Caroline today. Caroline and I used to work together and one month ago she popped out baby number two. Iím hoping to foist myself on them a lot in the future: mom friend and she has two offspring. Iím going to be paying close attention seeing how the heck theyíre doing it.

It was pretty crazy holding a newborn. Parker is teeny and sleepy and all baby-like. Since Caroline has been cuddling him nonstop (thatís the only way heíll sleep), I took over for a while. I held him so long that my arm fell asleep. It was nice.

It was also nice actually feeling useful to another mom. Iím no longer this kid spaz! I can easily bounce someone elses baby while his mama eats. I even voluntarily changed an its-bitsy diaper. Sure it was totally stinky, but at least newbies lay still for you.

You know what was also niceóand mind-blowing? Seeing Theo sitting in the middle of Carolineís living room, playing with Legos, then crawling over to check out Parker who was chilling in the bouncy seat. Since when is Theo the big boy in the room? Nuts!
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