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Ok, so this is a lousy photo, but I assure you that itty, bitty Ruvane Tide is a cutie. Heís Tahitiís brand new baby boy. While Tahiti isnít technically my friend (sheís Amyís), Iíve been hoping to adopt her as one of mine. Aside from Linnea, I donít have any mom friends and I think Iíd like some. And Tahiti seems like quite a nice young lady. And crafty. She made her own baby sling. I like crafty.

In all honesty, I feel like a bit of an ass that I have not managed to make any mom friends yet. I know, know, I should have gone back to that momís group I went to in the winter. I shouldíve taken prenatal yoga or something so I couldíve made nice before babies were born. I should have struck up conversations with fellow solo moms at the park when I was on maternity leave. But I didnít do any of that.

So I will attempt to force myself on poor unsuspecting Tahiti soon. And Iím going to sign up for baby-and-mom swim class for the end of October. Itís not just for me. I donít want Theo to adopt any of my social retardedness.
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