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On my way home from work, I longing eye a handful of bars with really great happy hours and really mellow crowds. I so want to go in, sit at the long bar, order a Brooklyn, and text Nate to stop by on his way home. I want to just sit and sip and people watch. I want to thoroughly enjoy the relaxing pause between work and home.

Instead, I make a pit stop at the corner store for kitty litter and yogurt and go home to a sometimes-smiley, sometimes-grump little man whoís waiting patiently for his own happy hour.

But every once in a while, the whole fam does happy hour on the weekend. One bar down the street has a great backyard and people donít look at you sideways for bringing a baby there. We have burgers and beer. Theo enjoys his bottle and the attention he gets from the waitresses.

While I still miss that pause, Iíll take this. This is nice. But soon, Iím going to have the nanny stay a bit late so Nate and I can enjoy that space between work and home again.
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