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We're in Maine and we'e surrounded by family--four generations worth. We've been to two family gatherings and have seen a million (give or take) cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.

The whole massive-family thing--and Maine--always makes me feel warm and fuzzy--and a tinge sad at the same time.

My family isnít quite like this. Weíre a small group. So small, in fact, that they took up exactly one table at my and Nateís wedding. I didnít grow up with any relatives. My cousins lived 30 minutes away, yet we still only saw them about twice a year. Meanwhile, if Nate threw a stone heíd hit at least five cousins.

Today, my family is sprinkled amongst five states and two countries. Ninty-eight percent of Nateís family live a short drive from each other.

Itís not just size and distanceóitís the feeling. Nate comes from a sea of baby people. They all ooze love and warmth for wee ones. I barely hold Theo when weíre in Maine. Heís almost instantly scooped up and passed aroundóonly to be handed back to me when heís hungry, dirty, or cranky.

I donít exactly come from baby people. Heck, Iím not sure I was a baby person until I had one myself. While there are baby people hanging out in my family treeómy sister is a seasoned baby-sitter and a grammar school teacher, after allómost of them simply are not. And thatís fine. Really.

The thing is, now that I have a baby, I crave baby people. Or maybe, more simply, I crave one baby personómy mom. Iím betting she would be a stellar baby person.
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