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Today was eventful for numerous of reasons. In no particular order, here you are:

1. Of course, there was a wedding. Sam and Nehal made it legal, American style.

2. My cousin and former roommate Justin revealed that he and his sister Sam did a homemade music video for Dancing in the Sheets when they were kids. I would pay good money to see this.

3. My sister got (a wee bit) housed and declared that she needed to hear Poison right this second. Needless to say, it was not that kind of affair.

4. I squeezed my ass into the same dress I wore to my dads wedding way back in 90s. Woo! (The dress I originally planned on wearing was deemed too racy by my husband. I believe he said, If I didnt know you and saw you in that dress, Id think, Id do her. Huh? Is that an insult or a compliment?

5. Theo grew teeth! Two of them. There are these teeny little white bumps peaking out from his lower gum. I cannot even fathom him with a mouthful of em.

6. Theo got to swim in a pool! By swim I mean bob in my arms and kick his little feet while Nate took pictures.

7. Theo sat in a highchair and loved it. Being at eye level with other people is way better than peering up at them from a stroller, Id imagine.

8. When another wee person approached the pool area, my aunt says, Here comes competition. My sister and I universally declared that she was no competition. Burn! Take that small child.

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