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My cousin Samantha got married today. She’s getting married tomorrow, too. Two weddings, two cultures, one couple. Pretty sweet. This evening’s festivities were of the Indian persuasion. There was a horse, numerous colorful saris, a costume change, a throne type of thing in which the bride was carried in on, mention of losing limbs during the ceremony (I didn’t get it either), lots of yummy food, and an open bar. Plus, young love. I’m a big ol sucker for that.

Theo slept through the majority of the wedding. He retired to his hotel-provided Pack n Play before the oodles of shrimp and crudités were served. When I say “retired” I mean cried, and cried, and cried. The little man wasn’t really feeling the love for the babysitter or the unfamiliar surroundings. When we returned to our room around midnight, the babysitter looked pretty ragged. In all seriousness, Nate asked, “Will you still come back tomorrow?” She paused and then with her slow, Southern drawl said “of course.”

I don’t know if I believe her.
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