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My sister and her husband are hosting a housewarming-bbq this Saturday. They live in Massachusetts. Nate canít take Friday off of work. So me in my infinite wisdom decided to fly there with Theo. That way Theo wonít be too taxed with a long car ride and a party on the same day.

Such a smart idea, right? Itís all super mom of me to go solo. Itíll be empowering, or something, I thought.

Ha! The flight was delayed three hours. There was talk of cancelling it all together. And there was talk of shooting oneself. I refrained, however. While it sucks to be stranded with a little boy who really, really would love to either nap or go outside, itís nice to see how kind strangers can be when they see a baby.

One woman offered to hold him for me for a while. (No thanks! Wanna hold my less cute, but just as heavy backpack instead?) Another offered to carry his stroller to the plane. The ticket agents made goofy faces and asked if heís always this happy. The flight attendant personally introduced herself to me, telling me to let her know if we needed anything. In the end, we took off and landed with no issues. Theo ate and promptly fell asleep once we boarded. He made himself quite comfortable, stretching himself out and resting his feet on my neighbor. The neighbor just smiled and said ďNo, noĒ when I tried to move Theoís tootsies.

Next up: Getting him to sleep in my sister's place. I hope Tracy doesn't mind crying--mine and Theo's.
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