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It would have been my momís 64th birthday today. I try not to imagine what it would be like if she were still here. But you know, itís hard not to imagine. And itís hard not to paint the most idealized version of what everything would be like only ifÖ

I imagine my mom calling twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday, demanding to hear about every cry, fart, and giggle that escaped Theo. After all, when I was in college, she made me call home every Wednesday and Sunday. Even if I called home on, say, a Tuesday, I still had to call on Wednesday. Thatís just the way it was.

I imagine getting deluged with baby outfits and toys and thinking-about-you cards. My mom liked to shop. And she loved to send her girls care packages complete with a dopey but sweet rhyming poem that she penned.

I imagine her visiting often and making Nate laugh and vice versa. I imagine brunches and shopping and her loving Brooklyn. I imaging the quilt she wouldíve sewn for Theo. I imagine calling her and asking her how she did itóhow she cared for two babies while her husband worked nights.

I also imagine her being pretty peeved/amused that Iíve made this photo of the ladies and Eric Estrada public. My shorts plus my half shirt = hilarity. Mom was looking pretty sharp in 1991, though.
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