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Speaking of books, I just finished oneóBlindsided by a Diaper. Yes, itís a book about parenthood. Yes, all I seem to read are books about birthing babies, parenting them, and surviving the whole process. What of it? If it makes you happy, my next book is all about cancer. Fun stuff! Iím sure Nate canít wait to hear all of scary facts Iíll toss at him from that read.

Anyway, Blindsided is a collection of essays on what happens to marriages once parenthood strikes. How has Nate and my relationship changed?, I thought, And, you know, I donít really think it has. I mean, it has but itís more subtle than you might expect.

Iíve known Nate since I was 19 years old. We dated. We broke up. We dated again. We take a year off. Yadda yadda. We used to be idiots. Weíd stop speaking over the most miniscule things. Weíd zero in on each others weak spots and nail a zinger just because we knew we could. Weíd fully expected mind-reading to occur on a regular basis. (Of course, we were full of energy and stories and laughs and hot, steamy fun, too.) It took us many years to learn how to be a coupleóa fully functioning, no bullshit, I love you even though you drive me bat shit crazy, couple. Having Theo didnít cause any major marital shifts. Having Theo simply magnified everything thatís already thereógood and bad. And you know, with the good being magnified, itís easier to forgive and forget the bad.
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