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I'm tired, like, all of the time. I'm not delirious, or anything, but I'm not exactly what one would call sprightly. And the eye baggageóoh my. But I'm not quite sure why. I appear to be getting a respectable amount of sleep thanks to Theoís early-to-bed-early-to-rise philosophy.

My best guess is that the tiredness stems from having a finite amount of alone time. I do have that hour between Theo going to bed and Nate coming homeótime I should spend making dinner or calling friends and family who I havenít spoken to in too long. But most of the time, I crash on the sofa. I have my time in the nursing room, too. Reading and putting my feet up in the middle of the day is downright decadent.

Now that I really think about it, itís no wonder Nate seems even more tired than me. He never has alone timeóseriously. Never.

Not having the weekend to recover from the workweek also takes its toll. As a non-parent, I could start my day at one in the afternoon for all anyone cared. Now itís starts between 6 and 7 and keeps on moving full-steam ahead.

Iím guessing that this wonít let up until I have a sleep-till-one teenager on my hands. Till then, Iíll be slowly upping my caffeine intake.
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