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While I was kicking back in the nursing room at 8:30 this morning, I came across an anti-breast-feeding editorial in the New York Post. Yes, you read that correctly: an anti-breast-feeding story. The author, Andrea Peyser, appears to be miffed that New York City hospitals are encouraging breast-feeding and not giving formula away in their so-you-had-a-baby goody bags any more. (They’ll give it to you if you ask, however.) She also thinks that experts are “making up” the benefits of breast-feeding. Waaa? Who is this crazy lady?

I was at a dumps city hospital when I had Theo. They spent about 30-seconds talking to me about breast-feeding then sent me home with two diaper bags filled with formula. I found the whole thing pretty disturbing. Instead of encouraging women to use the 100% natural, 100% free, pre-heated, straight-from-the-tap goodness their body’s make, we’re nudged to ignore our bodies and buy, buy, buy.

The whole thing makes me queasy.
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