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I am working from home again. By working, I mean that I listened-in on two conference calls and took my laptop to Starbucks for a couple of hours then stopped off at Old Navy and Target to buy Theo some stuff.

Itís really hard not to buy him things. A) Kid stuff is so cheap. Two onesies for $7.50? Seriously? Sold! B) Baby clothes are super cute. Nate in an orange polo shirt is nice, but Theo in an orange polo shirt looking like his dada is quite awesome. C) It gets boring reading the same kid books over and over again. (Aardvarks and jacanas would have no play at all if not for childrenís alphabet books, FYI. I had to look up a freakin jacana.) D) Theo is now at an age where he wants to play with his toys and not just accidentally knock them into his head.

I came home with two onesies, a pair of track pants (for Theoís early morning jogs, of course), two books (one actually mentions another jacana!), and a soft drum thatís filled with other fun little instruments. The fish-cum-tambourine is my favorite. Theoís is the starfish cymbal.
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