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Im still home! Damn steam pipe. And its pouring today. So Theo, the nanny, and I were in the apartment all day. Its not like his nanny or I were unwilling to walk him. Oh, no. The umbrella was all set and so was the clear rainhood thing for the stroller. It was Theo who was not having it.

He screamed his head off when that rainhood came out. The tears streamed down, he yelled, and squealed while nanny and I took turns putting the rain thingy over our heads. See, Theo, its just plastic! I hooked that darn thing on my head with Theo in my arms. See sweetie, were both under it and were fine.


I didnt even think 6-month-old could be afraid. (Note to self: Find and unpack parenting books.) But Im telling you, that was fear in his sweet little face. After I calmed him down, I dug out those Baby Einstein DVDs I got as shower gifts. I got over my guilt of having a wee baby watch TV once it started playing. There was a dancing turtle puppet! And Theo appeared to enjoy watching a DVD about discovering water than actually strolling in it. And, you know what, I dont really blame him. Strolling around like a bubble boy is slightly embarrassingand humid, Id imagine.
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