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This has been a nutty week. You know that steam pipe that burst in Manhattan? Well, it went ka-blam right in front of my office. There was an emergency evacuation, chaos, mud, the whole bit. I missed it all, thank goodness. Yay for leaving at 5.

The ka-blam aftermath, however, meant no work today; it meant being home with the boo and the nanny. Itís such a weird thing to be home with them. I feel out of place, like Iím intruding on their day. And Theo seems a tad overwhelmed with both of us there. He doesnít know who to pay attention to. But when I leave them to go do stuff, I feel guilty. I have an extra day and Iím paying someone to hang out with Theo. Itís seems so selfish. I know I canít just force a day-off on the nanny, but still. It's hard for me not to feel a wee bit shitty when I pass a million and one mama-baby-duos as I takde a nowhere-to-be walk, sipping my ice coffee.
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