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Now that Theo is my constant companion, it’s nearly impossible to socialize the way I used to. There are no after work drinks, no lingering Sunday brunches, no days wasted while window shopping with the ladies. These days, I harass those with summer Fridays or wacky schedules to take walks with me and my little man. Nate and I carefully select a baby-friendly restaurant and ask friends to meet for breakfast. And we see friends when they give a call when they’re in the neighborhood and ask if they can stop by (and vice versa). Today, that happened twice. First, we hosted city folk Angela, Chris and their furry baby Baci in the backyard. Later in the afternoon, Jon and Britt—two more Manhattan dwellers—stopped by for more backyard chitchat. The topic of all conversation? Brooklyn. Next month, the whole lot of them are moving here. This makes me supremely happy. This means that 99.9% of the people I care to hang out with will live within walking distance. This, my friends, is a dream come true. This means even more drop-bys. And to tell you the truth, it’s becoming my favorite way to hang out.
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