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This is this first week since Iíve been back at work that it really felt like I was back at work. Shit hit the fan! There was panic! I had to make last-minute changes! I had to schmooze and negotiate and tap dance to make sure a deal didnít fall through! It was great.

And today, I got to do the opposite of hard work. I watched Michelle get even more beautified for a photo shoot. And there was free pizza. I like me some complimentary eats.

The one not-so-great thing about the day: I was feeling less-than-fashionable again. Walking to the photo shoot, I was among a dawn-of-the-dead like stream of beautiful people. Models, fashion types, and photogs all strutting to work. (Dorothy, weíre not in Midtown anymore.) I had to cross a construction site to get to where I was going. In front of me walks this Amazonian beauty with olive skin and a flit of a sundress on. Needless to say, the construction workers took quite a shine to the lovely lady. Me? Nadda.

Iím sorry, but getting ignored by construction workers is depressing.
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