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Have you ever spotted someone wearing something that you own and that person is sort of, what's the word, frumpy? It's depressing. I automatically think: Shit, I have frumpy-lady taste. First I saw this decidedly unfashionable woman shuffle toward me wearing a dress that I wore a lot last year. Granted, I wore the dress as non-maternity maternity clothes, and she wore it as, well, a dress, but still. We both thought, "Hey, this is cute." Next, I saw a tourist wearing my shoes. And then, Nate decided to tell me that he sees a lot of “fat girls wearing that flowered shirt” I have. Whaaa? Why are you telling me this?

I know that I'm nowhere near the dangerous mom-jeans territory, but am I slowly inching down that scary, scary road?

I do need to update the wardrobe. As Linnea predicted, 98% of my pre-baby shirts are too short. Why? I'm not sure. Nate thinks it must be the extra boobage. And the shirts that aren't too short are too-stretched over said boobs.

Today, in an attempt to feel better, I put on the standard hot-without-trying outfit: jeans and a white T shirt. I was looking pretty good until I dribbled a bit of breakfast on myself.

At least Theo is stylish.
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