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My child is a big, ol ham. You should see the way he whips his head around when the camera comes out. To give him credit, he was smiling at his auntie before I snapped this picture.

I was smiling at auntie, too. My sister and her husband graciously offered to watch Theo snooze on baby TV (aka the video monitor) while Nate and I went out for a drink (or two) and desert. We were exhausted and cranky, but gosh darn it, we high-tailed it to the local wine baróand it wasnít just because my sister wanted to watch some Bon Jovi nonsense on TV.

Nate and I havenít been out together alone for a drink since last spring. Thatís all we used to do, people! I have no recollection of what we talked about, but I know I had a nice time. And I know Nate mustíve flirted with the waitress because we went home with a chocolate and peanut butter hunk of yum wrapped in a tinfoil swan.
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