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I love this kitchen. Itís huge. You can eat in it. Thereís a dishwasher and a pantry and a Garland stove and a built-in hutch. Donít even get me started on the wide-plank floors. Itís a great kitchen. Today, however, we officially are saying good-bye to it.

Our landlady is giving us the ol heave ho. She says she wants to sell the property. Part of me thinks sheís just saying that because she doesnít want a liability in diapers toddling around the house. You better believe that if I see the apt on Craigslist she will feel the wrath. I already bookmarked the housing discrimination forms to fill out.

Despite my quiet bitterness, I am looking forward to the new place. While weíre literally moving down the street, itís a whole new neighborhood to exploreóand thatís always exciting. We landed yet another beautiful backyard and other bits and pieces that make momdom easier, like a washer/drier and dishwasher. Itís beautiful old church rectory. Thereís a tin ceiling and wood floors and plenty of closets and a storage room thatís all ours. And itís quirky. Nate and I do well with quirky. (We still fondly reminisce about how we made our kitchen drawer-free, one closet, 5th floor Lower East Side walk-up shine.)

Best of all, I can easily see Theo taking his first steps there.
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