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I like to read what Catherine dubs, "women's books." What can I say, I'm a woman and it's fun to annoy the heck out of people with the lady facts I learn. My current book: Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth And Modern Maternity Care. I'm enjoying it so far. By enjoying I mean outraged by what I'm reading.

I've been learning all about the crazy C-section rates in this country, the crazy induction rates, the crazy episiotomy rates. Its all quite sad to me.

The more I read, the more Im thankful that I accidentally did all my laboring on my toilet, nowhere near any epidurals, Pitocin, fetal monitors, or IVs. The crazy thing is, when I was at my post-baby check-up and I told the doc how fast Theo came, she said: Wow. Maybe you should plan to be induced next time.

I had the fastest birth ever with no complications and a perfectly healthy baby. The docs reaction: Well stop that from happening next time. I have a better idea: How about I stay on my toilet as long as I want then push the baby out in the comfort of my own bathroom. Nate thinks Im kidding.

Im not.
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