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Allow me to gush for a moment, won’t you?

Two days ago, we scooped Theo out of his comfy little swing, put him on a plane, brought him to Maine, and proceeded to pass him around to 10 or so relatives before he even knew what had hit him. And you know what? He was awesome. He flirted with the flight attendants. He flirted with great aunts Denise and Patty and Cindy and Ann. He even held his own when we brought him to meet his great grandpa smack in the middle of cranky-time. (Theo’s, not great grampy’s.) Theo didn't even flinch when he met Olive, the latest and furriest member of the family. In fact, Theo reached his little hand out to pat her. (Awwww!)

I’m so proud of this kid Nate and I have made. He’s a real, live person—and a sweet one, at that. The smiles he flashes at, like, everyone. The flirty way he smiles with his eyes, then turns away, only to peek back at you to see if you’re still looking. And he gives big, fat neck hugs. Don’t even get me started on his motor skills!

So, yeah, the trip went well.
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