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FRIDAY MAY 25 2007
FRIDAY MAY 25 2007
Thursday was my last day at work and the first time I went out drinking in over a year. A year is a long time.

I don’t know about you, but aside from that period of time before I discovered the joy of the vino and the vodka tonic, I have taken maybe a week off from alcohol—tops. I’m no alchy, but you know how it is: wine with dinner, a beer with a friend, Bloody Mary with brunch.

Back to last night: It was 2 people’s last day yesterday and all of the fun coworkers came out to knock a few back. There was crappy music, burgers, gossip—good times. I called home at 9:03. Theo was fast asleep so I sheepishly asked the nanny if I could have one more. (Nate had to teach a class of all things.) She laughed. So one more I had—or was it 2.

Yadda yadda. I puked on my bedroom floor. Puked! Four glasses of wine and a cheese burger on the floor. That is just shameful.

Theo, clearly sensing a slight hangover, has been an absolute dream today. Theo: I will add this to my very long list of things I love about you.
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