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MONDAY MAY 21 2007
MONDAY MAY 21 2007
You know how people leave little notebooks for their dog walkers so they can record when the pooch pooped and piddled? I leave a notebook for Theo’s nanny. I do not ask her to record his bowel movements. I just want to see what their days are like; what sort of schedule they’ve worked out.

Nate thinks it’s a little weird that I ask her to do this. But I like to have all the info in front of me. I like to be able to read—and refer back to—how much and how often the boo ate. I like knowing when they went for walks and for how long he napped.

When it was just me and Theo home all day, it was hard for me to get my head around his schedule. I wasn’t even sure we had one. And it wasn’t even like we were in a fog of sleeplessness anymore. I think I was just too close to see the pattern, if that makes sense.

But thanks to the notebook—thanks to the nanny—the pattern is so clear now! The fact that it took me going to work and hiring a nanny to figure most of this stuff out sort of makes me feel like a big ol idiot. But I won’t let my feelings of perpetual inadequacy get in the way of me thoroughly enjoying this newfound knowledge. Mama's knowledge makes baby very happy.
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