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SUNDAY MAY 13 2007
SUNDAY MAY 13 2007
Last year was a very special Motherís Day. Not only did I finally have someone to send flowers to (my first motherís day with an actual mother-in-law), but I learned that I was going to be a mom, too.

It was such a nutty day. We spent the afternoon in Prospect Park drinking cheap white wine out of paper cups and eating cheese. It was Brittís birthday. On the way home, we swung into the drug store. I was late. We were half-ass trying to make a baby. I felt obligated to pee on a stick. I in no way thought I was actually pregnant.

We got home and prepared for Catherine and Carl to come over. It was Sopranoís night. Nate called his mom to wish her a happy day. I went in the bathroom to do my thing and 3 minutes later my jaw hit the floor and our lives changed forever.

For days Nate and I literally stared at each other. Seriously? Pregnant? How did this happen?! Oh my God. Can we really do this?

And today, my little plus sign on a stick is here and Iím his mom. Itís crazy. We had brunch and Bloodies and he giggled and cooed and did his very best Henry Fonda impression. And he got me an H&M gift certificate. Itís like heís known me forever!
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