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FRIDAY MAY 11 2007
FRIDAY MAY 11 2007
Go on maternity leave for 4 months.
Return to work on Monday.
Quit on Friday.

How awesome of an employee am I?

No, Iím not quitting to be a stay-at-home. (Sorry Theoómama needs health insurance!) Iím quitting in order to work for people who didnít even flinch when I requested a 4-day workweek; who were totally fine with my 8-5 day. It feels good. I mean, they werenít looking for a part-timer, you know? They liked me enough to make it happen. And I didnít even have to circulate a memo justifying my request.

This is a good thing. Itís scary. And a whole lot of change all at once, but it feels right.

Iím so taking a week off in between jobs.

In other exciting news: Mr. Theo loves his bottle now. Look at him chilliní in the bouncey seat sippiní like itís no big thing. My little man is so adaptable!
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