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This, dear reader, is a LilyPadz. I stick them on my boobs to prevent embarrassing milk leakage. Nice, right?

Several times a day, I have to peel these babies off in order to pump. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my “Privacy Please” PostIt will keep lurkers at bay. Of course, there are always those people who will peek over the frosted glass to see if anyone is home. I dare someone to do that. I’m betting that one glimpse of what I’m up to will keep them from ever doing it again.

Anyway, I feel like my boobs smell—like they’re sending out some sort of single to Theo. It’s like they’re looking for him. Co-workers insist that I do not smell—but Nate seems to be able to detect a little something. I’m not crazy. I Googled smelly breastfeeding and learned that I am giving off an odor. And—get this—the scent boosts the sexual desire of other women. Seriously. I’m very pleased that my leaky breasts are an aphrodisiac for someone.
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