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Work day 1success!

Although I instantly set up a mini shrine of Theo photos in my office, I did my very best not to think about the munchkin most of the day. I even refused to call home to check on him. What if Theo was screaming? I just could not hear that. Instead, I asked Nate to make the calls, then call me.

Hes doing well, Nate assured. Yes, hes eating from the bottle. Hes fine. No, the nanny does not sound like shes about to shoot herself.

So after 11 hours of commuting, catching up with coworkers, eating (they gave me a welcome-back breakfast!), and even some working, I was home again. I was sure Id be able to hear the boys cries from down the block. But instead, I came home to big ass smiles. Theo was smiling; nanny was smiling. I cant believe this is the same baby!, she said.

Im so proud of my boo, I could cry.

I scooped my boy up and before I could give him kisses, he threw his little face into my neck and sniffed me over and over again like a crazy little dog.

(The bosses gave me flowers, Sweet, right?)
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