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I totally get that it’s harder to be friends with a new mama—all that planning ahead and the can-baby-come, toos? There are no impromptu after work drinks. Brunches need to be breakfasts. Yadda yadda. So it makes it that much sweeter that Amy chooses to spend many of her days off with me and the boy. (She often has Fridays or Mondays off, you see.)

In the early days of Theo, Amy would offer to watch the boo so I could shower. Now, she’ll stop by to chat after she drops her laundry off or she’ll run some mundane errands with me. (She actually accompanied me to the Post Office. No one wants to go to the PO.) And today was the granddaddy of all Amy visits: We all went out to lunch and to a local park.

Amy bounced the munchkin so I could finish my lunch. She didn’t flinch when he wanted to eat right this second. (She was calmer than me, believe you me.) And she could not care less when my boob made a special guest appearance.

I got Amy a Tasti D to show my thanks. Though I don’t think a sugar cone quite cuts it.
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