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Im depressed.

Theo is finally sleeping more. He has been cooing up a storm. He recognizes me and flashes me these big, drooly smiles. Hes batting at toys and trying his hardest to sit up on his own. (It looks like hes doing baby-size crunches.) Hes such a curious little bug, always craning his neck to see what else there is to see.

And soon, Im going to be missing so much of this. I get to spend my day in a windowless office, banging away on my computer, while our lovely nanny gets to take my boo to the park, make silly faces at him, and watch him grow and learn. She gets 4 days with him. I get 3. Nate gets a paltry 2. So much for my fantasy.

Does anyone actually get my fantasy? Does it even exist in this country? We totally should have gone to the UK to buy that darn Micraliteand stayed there for the maternity leave.
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