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Something quite remarkable has happened. A few weeks ago I started to really lose it. I felt like I rewound to week 3 of being a mom. I was teary. I desperately wanted Theo to sleep and to stop crying. We were both a mess. And both seriously overtired.

Then I read this book and slowly things started to shift. I learned that our dear boy was likely getting pooped after an hour or two of being awake. I learned that when he averted his eyes, he was telling me that he was getting sleepy. So I started helping him get some Zzs before he got himself overtired.

I also said F-it to the crib for now. If he wants to sleep in the swing, fine. If he wants to take his morning nap on me, fine. Sleep as long as you want. Iíll simply fire up my DVD collection of Felicity. (What? It was a good show!)

And Iíve stopped running to him the second a cry escapes his little mouth. Heís often crying in his sleep, so if I go in I actually wake him up and make everything worse.

We have moved out of the nursery and into our own room, too. (Wooooo!)

And Nate has started spending quality time with the boo in the morning as opposed to when he gets home for work. So from 7:30 to 8:15am youíll hear a lot of this coming out of our bedroom: Can you say hi? Can you say O? Can you say Ooooo? Big smile! Now, Nate often comes home to a slumbering baby and dinner getting made. Shocking!

Best of all, Theo is happy. I am happy. And Iím really starting to feel like I may be doing this right.
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