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Nate and I are either the smartest and luckiest people in the world or really, really stupid and lazy.

We interviewed a grand total of two nannies and we made an offer today.

We loved, loved, loved nanny #1: A youthful grandma; very professional; truly adores babies and she came very highly recommended from a former colleague of mine. She was perfect—accept we couldn’t really afford her. We’ve been crunching numbers since Wednesday to see if we could find a way. (Nate has been taking that dang calculator with him everywhere.) We talked about moving to a less expensive apartment. We talked to our accountant. But the bottom line is she's out of our league.

Enter nanny #2: A soft-spoken mother of an 8-year-old little girl; big smile; unfazed by Theo’s bloody murder scream; and she was also highly recommended by a former coworker—the same one who recommended Theo’s pediatrician. I figure my friend's son is a sweet, happy baby. Why not just do what his parents did? And we can afford her. (Just 50% of my take home! Ugh.)

She said yes. She starts the week before I go back to work so we can all get used to each other. I’m nervous about a pro watching me. Isn’t that stupid? I want to make a good mom impression. And, of course, I’m worried about Theo. I want him to like her. I want her to adore him. And I want him to still want me more.
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