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My feet needed some love in the worst way. Thank goodness Eileen gathered the girls for some pedicures (and brunch) this morning in honor of her birthday.

Nate and Theo met up afterward and we all walked home together. I have to say, seeing the two approach—Nate pushing the stroller and cuddling a rosy Theo in his arms—made me all warm and fuzzy. Aside from the obvious cuteness of the situation, I love that Nate has never given me hell for making girl plans on the weekend. I love that he encourages me to make said plans. I love that he wants to spend quality boy time with the little man—and is not intimidated by it. This is all the more sweet since I know Nate really hasn’t had the opportunity to spend time with friends sans the fam since Theo was born. Friend-time is important. Neither of us want that to slip away.

So is it wrong that I still desperately want Nate to come directly home after work?
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