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Today, Nathan will be playing the part of Holly.

This morning, I zipped myself into real pants, stuck a couple of LilyPadz on my boobs, and trotted off to the city for an appointment—leaving behind the boys. And when I called to check in two hours later, Nate said the most romantic thing:

“You’re near H&M. Why don’t you do a little shopping. We’re good here.”

I swear, the sky opened up, a beam of light hit me, and a chorus began to sing. The 5th Avenue H&M in the middle of the day with the Madonna collection in full effect?! It's all just too much! The best part: I came home to two happy boys. (Nate was even dressed!) But soon I will be leaving again: Mr. JT in the NJ with Ange tonight.

I’m a little worried about my projected 7-hour absence from Theo. I’m also a little worried about my boobs. I hope they don’t explode or something. I left Nate the pediatrician’s number along with a parenting book and all of the free formula that has been sent to us. Theo doesn’t even take formula but what if he gulps down the four bottles I left and is starving?

I hope it all goes well for my guys--but no too well. Must. Feel. Needed.
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