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Iím not what youíd call a joiner. I generally donít get a lot of pleasure out of tossing myself in a situation that involves interacting with a room full of sober people who I donít know. But today I went against my natural instinct to avoid, avoid, avoid and I actually went to a new moms group in the neighborhood.

Was it a success? Well, I went. Did I make a new BFF? No, but everyone was very nice. I sat on the floor with about 10 women, their breasts, and their babies and had brief conversations about diaper size, breast feeding, calling your kid the wrong name, and slings. Itís strange how they all seemed older than meóthough I doubt they were. (Itís called denial. Me? 32? Waa?)

Although I felt kinda awkward as predicted, I think weíll go back. Theo seemed to like seeing other small people and Iíd like to work on my group social skills. Plus, an old co-worker of mine is going next week. Itís all about the wingman, you see.
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