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I hereby vow to do the following every day:

Put a bra on.
Put a little makeup on.
Shut the TV off after The View.
Wear clothes that I would not be embarrassed to leave the house in.
Leave the houseóweather permittingóevery day.

Iíve been hibernating mainly because of the coldness. (Newborns and ice cold weather donít need to meet.) But Iíve also been a wimp, plain and simple. I, as you may remember, donít really know what Iím doing, so the idea of the general public witnessing this worries me.

What do I do if he freaks out while weíre in Duane Reade? What if he needs a boob while Iím at the grocery store? What if he takes a monster dump while Iím buying lunch? Ahh!

Today I said WTF and cruised Smith Street with Theo in tow for an hour or so. We bought tooth brushes at Duane Reade. We checked out the apartment candy displayed in the realty windows. We picked up lunch at a sandwich shop.

No crying fits, hunger pangs, or ass explosions. Woo!
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