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This morning we zipped the little guy up in his bear suit and went to the doctor. Why? Well, because I wanted somebody in a white coat to assure me that Theo was perfect. Iím not completely nutso, I assure you. He had been sniffly. Weíve been suctioning boogies out of his little nose. (Can you imagine not being able to blow or pick your nose yet? It must be so frustrating!) And some days heís just not down with playing with me. Iím all set with a rattle and a brightly colored floor mat and heís like, dude, I want to sleep/cry instead.

Anyway, the doc said he was ďexcellentĒ and fighting off his cold like a champ. Woo! Plus, he got to wear the bear suit and I got to wear him outside on this lovely, sunny day. I hope this weather keeps up. Iím ready to wear my guy all around Brooklyn. Itís about time we took this show on the road. And itís about time I put shoes on.
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