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One month ago, little Theo quite literally burst onto the scene. I still donít have much of a clue about what Iím doing, but Iím a smidge less frazzled about it. Translation: Instead of bursting into tears after 5 minutes of inconsolable baby crying, it takes 10-15 to bring me to Theoís level of distress.

Another problem that has emerged, however, is my tendency to Google various ďsymptomsĒ that I think Theo is exhibiting.

Maybe he doesnít have baby acne. Maybe he has an allergy. I bet itís milk. I bet me eating yogurt is giving my beautiful baby zits! Letís see what Google saysÖ

Why is Theo so freakiní hungry? Is my milk supply too low? Does he have a tape worm? Ahh. Letís Google itÖ

Asleep from noon until 4? Whatís wrong? He hasnít done that since week 2. Is he sick? Iím going to wake him up. First, letís see what the Internet has to sayÖ

What the hell is the difference between watery stool and diarrhea? If heís got diarrhea heís sick. Let me do an image search on GoogleÖ

Itís getting a little out of control. Earlier today, I had baby on right boob, pump on left boob, and I was pecking away at the keyboard with one hand trying to see why Theo sometimes stiffens his legs.

I need to stop.
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