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Happy 2007! To commemorate New Yearís Day I decide to sleep late and not shower. That way, itís sort of like I went out partying last night.

My goal for January 1 was to have all things baby crossed off my To Do list. While there are a few things leftónamely, the items on Nateís list (dude!)óIím feeling pretty ready. The nursery looks good and is stocked with all sorts of newborn needs. Maternity leave paper work is getting processed. Maternity leave fill-in starts next week. My where-everything-is-at list is almost ready to hand off to fill-in person. Other need-to-dos:

Pack a bag.
Get LilyPadz for my soon-to-be leaky boobs.
Get a nursing bra or two.
Finally remove dead nail polish from toes.
Harass Nate to cross off his To-Dos.
Harass big boss to about my back-to-work schedule.

And my want-to-dos:

Get mailing labels printed for birth announcements.
Get birth announcements started.
Figure out new Palm Pilot.
Get new glasses so I can see baby.
Get eyebrows waxed.

And, here, things I intended to do before baby that clearly wonít happen:

Legally change last name to Nateís.
Get a new passport.
Take prenatal water aerobics.
Take a daily picture of growing belly.
Declare a legal guardian to wee one.

Is it bad that chipping off old nail polish ranks higher than decide on a legal guardian?
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