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Since Iím pretty darn pregnant, Nate and I decided to stay put this season. A seriously pregnant lady in a long-ass car ride to Maine does not make for a holly jolly Christmas, you see. Instead, we hunkered down in Brooklyn, invited the relatives to us, and had a pre-Xmas happy hour. All genius moves. Some of my favorite moments so far:

Explaining to my father-in-law that the boy name weíve been picked out for the baby is not a decoy name. Seriously. We are not that smart. Itís the name.

Having Frank drunkenly promise that heíd bring his momís homemade marinara to us today and, by gosh, he did.

Having most of my favorite people in my kitchen at the same timeóand not feeling left out that Iím the only sober one.

Eating filet mignon fresh from the backyard grill.

When my mom-in-law asked to see the baby clothes; only moms ask those sort of things.

That teeny taste of Baileys caramel. Heaven.

Being in my own home Christmas Eve.
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