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I got a Starbucks gift card so I picked up a caramel macchiato today. The barista looked at me, looked at my bump, paused, and said "Decaf?" NO. Give me the freakin' caffeine lady. This baby is just about cooked. He/she doesn't mind. Trust me.

If a pregnant lady needs to get by, don't say "Wow! I really have to push in for you." That's not cool. Yes, I'm talking to you, woman in the work bathroom. You are not nice.

Baby-to-be has taken to hiccupping. It's very odd and entertaining. Shouting boo to my stomach does not help matters.

I got a prenatal massage this weekend. I actually drooled. Being able to lay on my stomach might have been the best part.

If you are comfortably seated on a crowded train, please don't suddenly notice me when the guy next to you leaves an empty seat. "You wanna seat?" Lady, I wanted a seat six stops ago. Now, I simply want to glare at you as my belly dangles in front of your face.

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